Advisory for Continuous Architecture

Nutze unser Fachwissen, um dein softwareabhängiges Geschäft zu verbessern.

Continuous Architecture

Advisory as a Service

Gain access to our expertise with our Advisory as a Service offering. It is an insurance for your endeavors in system design, software architecture, and DevOps.

By opting for a monthly subscription you can pose unlimited questions to our team. Tailor your subscription by selecting the number of seats. Our team answers your questions via e-mail. More in-depth discussions or follow-up video calls can be scheduled as required.

You find a brief overview of our technical expertise on the right.

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System Design

Building large enterprise applications, optimizing performance and throughput, messaging, identifying bottlenecks, visualization and navigating large-scale systems.

Software Architecture

Reliable software architecture for Java, .NET and PHP web applications, authentication and authorization, arc42-based documentation.

Software Development Lifecycle

Improving your team's output with a fitting process and tools, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Atlassian, GitHub, Jenkins, Package management.


Running your platform on Kubernetes. We are SUSE partner and specialized in Rancher.


Monitoring and alerting with Prometheus and Grafana, infrastructure automation, x.509 certificate management, Continuous Deployment, GitOps, Argo CD.

Our Clients

Our clients and partners trust in our expertise

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Convince yourself and try our advisory by asking us a question free of charge.

Your Benefits

We are the one person you would like to ask.

Benefit from our experience

With more than two decades of experience in the software development industry, we not only know how to build but also operate software.

Real and honest answers

No ChatGPT, no Stackoverflow - just real persons with a name. You get honest answers for your questions based upon our experiences.

Economically focused

We are not only techies but also business-driven people, operating a real business. The latest trend is not always the economically smartest solution.

Choose Your Plan

Not sure if we fit? Pick your role and let us find out.

Understanding software development projects and engineers

Software development and network technology is complex. For consultants and agencies, we explain how software development works in your project and what all the technical terms mean in detail.

Estimate Costs
  • Why does my customer's website no longer work?
  • How can I connect to 3rd party web services?
  • How do I pass my work to software developers?
  • What is Git?
  • How can I connect this service to other services?
  • Ho do I keep my customer's data safe?
  • What does these security findings mean?
  • What is agilve development?
  • How can I reduce the risk of my project?

Talking about the nerdy stuff

Does your team need support with an architectural decision? You don't yet know how best to solve a problem? Are you dissatisfied with your software development process? Write us an e-mail and we'll talk about it.

Estimate Costs
  • I have questions about learning a new technology...
  • How do proxies work?
  • I try to understand how software *really* works under the hood
  • Is Kubernetes the right choice for me?
  • How does the operating system works?
  • Does Apache Kafka solve my problem?
  • Which architecture is the best-fitting for my problem?
  • How can I reduce the risk of my project?

Being strategic

Would you like to advance your company in software development, need an assessment of offers or want to know what the current trends are? We are always available to answer your company's strategic and operational questions.

Estimate Costs
  • How can I improve my team's output?
  • What is agilve development?
  • How can I reduce the risk of my project?
  • How can I staff our software product team?
  • How can I scale our software product?
  • Is this a realistic offer for software development?
  • What does it cost to implement this piece of software?

The Advisory Process

No need for long meetings. Straight to the point


Cost estimation

Select the number of required seats and your team's expertise to get a rough cost estimation. Estimate Costs


Initial contact

If the cost estimation is in your ball park, we get in contact. Send us any information you can or must (e.g. NDAs) provide.



Based upon the provided information we will send you a proposal for signing.


Shoot questions

As soon as you have made the first payment, your team can shoot questions at us.

Do not hesitate

Convince yourself and try our advisory by asking us a question free of charge.

How long do you take for the initial proposal?

If there are no queries on our part, you will receive the proposal within 3 working days.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept classical wire transfers or credit card payment via Stripe.

How can I cancel my advisory?

You can cancel your advisory at any time. Just let us know that you are dissatisfied with our work.

Do you offer any refunds?

We do not refund money for past or partial quarters. However, if you cancel within the Advisory period due to dissatisfaction, we will refund the costs for the following quarters.

How do I extend my advisory?

Before the end of the advisory period, we will send you an offer based on the active offer. If you accept it and make the payment, your Advisory will be extended.

How long is your response time?

Our self-imposed target is to answer 1 question per working day and per seat.

Do I get a refund if I don't ask any questions?

In some months there are no or few questions, in others there are significantly more. Therefore, we cannot offer a refund if you have not asked any questions for some time.

Do you also take on project enquiries?

If the enquiry fits into our subject area and our pipeline allows it, yes. In principle, advisory clients have a higher priority for us than non-advisory clients.

Do I always have the same contact person for my questions?

That depends on the specific question. If the questions always come from the same subject area, it will probably always be answered by the same person.

I want to book the advisory for one of our customer's project. What company selection do I have to use?

Relevant for the pricing is the project's sponsor. If your customer sponsors the project, his company sized or revenue is used as a base line.

Can I reprice your advisory as our own service to our end customer?

We do not offer the advisory as some sort of white-labeling. When one of your booked team seats contacts us, we are responding as our team - not your team.